Tuesday, July 6, 2010


PURPOSE : To determine the effect of sunlight on plant survival.

MATERIALS : House plant 
                          Black construction paper
                          Tape (cellophane)

  • Cut two piece of black construction paper large enough to civer one leaf on the plant.
  • Sandwich the leaf between the two paper pieces.
  • Tape the paper together. It is important that the leaf not receive any sunlight.
  • Wait 7 days.
  • Uncover the leaf and observe its color.
RESULTS : The leaf is much paler than the other leaves on the plant.

WHY ? A green chemical called chlorophyll gives leaves their green color. In the absence of sunlight the green pigment is used up and not replenished in the leaf resulting in a light colored leaf. Since chlorophyll is necessary for plant survival the leaf will die without sunlight.

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