Tuesday, July 6, 2010


PURPOSE : To demonstrate how water is transported through plant stems.

MATERIALS : Measuring cup (250 ML)
                           2 Glasses
                           1 White carnation with long stem ( purchase at a floral shop )
                            Red and yellow food coloring 

  • Cut the stem in half lengthwise from the bottom to about half way up toward the flower.
  • Pour 1/2 cup of water into each glass. 
  • Add enough food coloring to make the water in each glass a deep color, one will be red and the other yellow.
  • Place one end of the flower stem in the red water and the other end in the yellow water.
  • Leave the flower standing in the water for 48 hours.
RESULTS : After 48 hours , the flower will have changed color. One side will be red and the other yellow.

WHY ? Tiny tubes, called xylem run up the stalk to the flower petals. The colored water moves through the xylem allowing the color to be distributed throughout the cells in the petals causing their color to change. Minerals in the soil are carried to plant cell in this way providing in water as did the red and yellow coloring and the solution is carried up to the leaves and flowers where the dissolved material is left as was the red and yellow dye.

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