Friday, August 23, 2013

Uses of alums.

  • Alum is used in fire extinguishers to smother chemical and oil fires.
  • Alum is a component of foamite.
  • Styptic pencils containing aluminium sulfate are used as astringents to prevent bleeding from small sharing cuts.
  • Purification of drinking water as a chemical flocculant.
  • Pickling agent to help keep pickles crispness.
  • Alum is used as the acidic component of some commercial backing powders.
  • Alum is an ingredient in some homemade modeling compounds intended for use by children. (Play Clay )
  • Alum is used in tanning.
  • Alum is used to fix pigments on a surface.
  • Alum is an ingredients in some hair removal waxes.
  • Alum is used in skin whitener.

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