Thursday, August 13, 2020

General characteristics of p-block elements

 General characteristics:

* Electronic configuration:

                     The general electronic configuration of p-block elements is ns2 np1-6 . The general electronic configuration of helium is  1s2 .

                        Group 13    ns2 np1                        

                        Group 14    ns2 np2                       

                        Group 15    ns2 np3                       

                        Group 16    ns2 np4                      

                        Group 17    ns2 np5                        

                        Group 18    ns2 np6    ( except helium )

* Metallic character :

  • The non-metallic character of elements decreases down the group.
  • In general nonmetals have higher ionisation energy and higher electronegativity than metal.
  • Most of them form covalent compounds.
  • Most of the elements show negative ( except some metals ) as well as positive oxidation states ( except fluorine ).

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