Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Effect of frost in rocks :

Things needed :
           *      Two paper cups
           *      Freezer
           *      Plaster of paris
           *      Water
           *      Scissors
           *      Butter knife

Ø  Take a cup of about 3 inches height.
Ø  Prepare plaster of paris in the cup.
Ø  Use the butter knife to cut a narrow one inch deep groove into the plaster of paris before it dries.
Ø  The grooves should not touch the edges of the container.
Ø  Allow it to dry completely.
Ø  Carefully tear the container away to reveal your block. Measure the size of the groove. Fill the groove with water and place the block in the freezer.
Ø  After the water has frozen, remove the block and record your observation. Allow the ice to melt and place it in the freezer again. Repeat this till the block brakes.

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