Friday, September 13, 2013

Quantum Number

           Quantum number describe the distribution of electrons in the atom. In atom large number of electron orbitals are permissible. An orbital of smaller size means there is more chance of finding the electron near the nucleus. These orbitals are designated by a set of numbers known as quantum numbers. Three coordinates that come from Schrodinger's wave equations are principal (n), angular (l) and magnetic quantum numbers. These quantum numbers describe the size, shape and orientation in space of orbitals on an atom. The property of an atoms electronic configuration are described by four quantum numbers given below.

  • Principal quantum number ( n )
  • Azimuthal quantum number ( l )
  • Magnetic quantum number ( ml )
  • Spin quantum number ( ms )
Note :

  • n can have whole number values 1, 2, 3,.....
  • For every value of n and l can have integer values 0 to n-1.
  • m can have any whole number value, -l to +l.
  • s can be ± ½ .

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