Thursday, September 3, 2020

Boron Group Elements ( Group- 13 )

 Boron Family:

               The group 13, boron group consist of six elements. The elements are Boron ( B ), Aluminum ( Al ), Gallium ( Ga ), Indium ( In ), Thallium ( Tl ). The common property of the group is that each one of the elements has three electrons in the outer shell of their nuclear structure. Boron is the lightest element in this group. Relatively rare element. Boron is a metalloid.

Occurrence Of Boron Family:

  • Boron is a very low in abundance, composing only 0.0001% of the earth's crust.
  • Aluminium is the most abundant metal and occurs as oxides and also found in Aluminium silicate rocks. It composes about 8.3% of the earth crust.
  • Gallium is relatively rare element in the earth's crust. Gallium find in the earth with a wealth of 13 parts per molecule.
  • Indium is the 61st richest element in the world's covering.
  • Thallium is found in small amounts all over the planet. Thallium is extremely toxic and has no commercial use. The elements Ga, In, and Tl occurs as their sulphides.

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