Monday, October 7, 2013

Chemical Properties Of Hydrogen Peroxide

           Pure hydrogen peroxide is unstable and decomposes on standing. On heating water and oxygen are formed.
                             2H2O2     →     2H2O     +     O
Oxidizing Nature 
        It is a powerful oxidizing agent. It functions as an electron acceptor.
                              H2O2     +     2H+     +     2e-     →     2H2O
                                                                                  (In acidic solution)
                                               H2O2-     +     2e-     →     2OH-
                                                                                   (In alkaline solution)
                                              2KI     +     H2O2      →     2KOH     +     I2
                                                                                     (In neutral medium)
It oxidizes ferrous salts into ferric salts.
                           2Fe2+     +     2H+     +     H2O2     →     2Fe3+     +     2H2O
Reducing Agent :
                        Ag2O     +     H2O2     →     2Ag     +     H2O     +     O2
              Hydrogen peroxide act as a reducing agent. In above equation moist silver oxide is reduced to silver.
Addition Reaction:

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