Friday, April 3, 2015

Combustion Reaction

     Combustion reaction is a chemical reaction. In this reaction hydrocarbons react with oxygen to give carbon-dioxide and water. It is a exothermic reaction so it release heat.

Types :
*Complete combustion reaction
*Incomplete combustion reaction.

Complete reaction :
     In this of reaction hydrocarbons react with oxygen to gives carbon-dioxide and water. Here the oxygen fully react with reactants to gives product.

Incomplete reaction :
     In this types not enough oxygen in reactants. so it will react to give carbon, carbon-monoxide and carbon-dioxide.

Examples :
( C, H and O )   +   O2      CO2   +   H2O   +   Heat
CH4   +   2O2      CO2   +   2H2O   +   Heat
C10H8   +   12O2      10CO2   +   4H2O   +   Heat
C3H8   +   5O2      3CO2   +   4H2O   +   Heat

2CH3OH   +   3O2      2CO2   +   4H20   +   Heat

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  1. Very informative article, Which you have shared here about the Combustion meaning. Really I agree with you, It is an exothermic reaction and produces heat. Thanks for sharing this information here.