Thursday, April 2, 2015

Double displacement Reaction ( Metathesis )

                        In double displacement reaction one of the part of reactant is replaced by another part of reactant. The two reactant replaces to forming two new compounds or product. It is also known as double displacement reaction or metathesis reaction.

General Formula :
AB  +  CD     ---->   AD  +  CB  

Example :

AgNO3   +   NaCl       AgCl   +   NaNO3
AgNO3   +   HCl        AgCl    +   HNO3
NaOH    +    HCl       NaCl    +   H2O
Li2SO4   +  BaCl2     2LiCl    +   BaSO4

Na2SO32HNO3    2NaNO3   +   H2SO2

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