Friday, April 3, 2015

Redox Reaction ( Oxidation - Reduction reaction )

            Redox reaction is a chemical reaction, that involves electron transfer between two chemical species.
* loss of an electron is oxidized
*gain of an electron is reduced.
It is also known as oxidation - reduction reaction.


Redox reaction :
 H2   +   F2      2HF
overall reaction may be written as two half - reaction.

Oxidation reaction :
H2      2H+   +   2e-

Reduction reaction :
F2   +   2e-      2F-
Now we adding the reactions together the electrons are canceled.
                 H2      2H+   +   2e-
F2   +   2e-      2F-
H2   +  F2       2H+   +   2F-
2H+   +   2F-  combine to give 2HF.

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