Friday, July 17, 2020

Disappearing Ink

In this video, you'll learn about the disappearing ink.I used thymolphthalein, a cotton swab, and a paper. It'll disappear soon.

Disappearing Ink :
                         Disappearing ink is a blue water based solution. Squirt the solution onto the dress materials and in a few seconds the blue stain will disappear. Due to its color change with pH, the material used to make the disappearing ink was identified as an acid-base indicator called thymolphthalein.

  • Dissolve the thymolphthalein in ethyl alcohol and water solution.
  • Add sodium hydroxide solution  dropwise until the solution turns a dark blue.      

             Sodium hydroxide cause the indicator of thymolphthalein solution turn the dark blue color. Use dropper to put a few drops of thymolphthalein onto a cloth material or paper. Now it reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air.  


CO2 + H2O ----> H2CO3

The carbonic acid then reacts with the sodium hydroxide in a neutralization reaction. This reaction form sodium carbonate which is a washing soda and the ink disappears.

Neutralization : 

2Na(OH) + H2CO3    ------->     Na2CO3 + 2H2O

The carbon dioxide is the acid that neutralizes the base sodium hydroxide. The color of the thymolphthalein is colorless in the presence of acid.

We used paper. Paper allows less interaction with air, so the color change reaction takes more time. In a few second the stain will disappear. If you spray over the spot with ammonia the color will return.

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