Sunday, July 19, 2020

How to make a worm goo

This video describes how we can make worm goo at home. you will need calcium chloride, warm water, and sodium alginate.It looks like a worm.

Chemical Names:
sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Sodium alginate is a common food additive as a thickener and gelling agent ice cream, jellies and jams.

Reaction :
Sodium alginate is squirted into the calcium chloride solution. Calcium chloride solution act as an activator. It changes the sodium alginate from liquid to gel like leading to the formation of worm.

         2NaC6H7O6 + CaCl2  ————>  2NaCl + CaC12H14O16

The calcium ions replace the sodium ions and link the polymer chains together. This chemical reaction is named as " Spherification "

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